Baloo's Blog - Welcome to the Jungle

Baloo (right) teraching Mowgli the Laws of the Jungle

Nice to meet you all. My name is Obioma Ugoala and I am playing the part of Baloo in the approaching show of "Rudyard Kipling's" Jungle Book at Christmas at this lovely theatre. I've started writing this blog for those of you who might want a bit more of an insight into the mad world that we look forward to sharing with you.

As some of you might have seen on the website, our telling of Jungle Book has Snakes hanging down from ropes, beatboxing Panthers and breakdancing Tigers. It's an all dancing, all singing Jungle which I hope you'll all enjoy.

We have now touched on all the scenes and are looking at piecing together all the different songs, instruments, drums and amazing scripts that we have been working with. This is our last week in the rehearsal room and you can feel the itch in the rehearsal room of people wanting to get into the theatre.

For those of you aren't familiar with all the characters here's a breadown of all of them so you know who I'm talking about in future blogs.

Mowgli- The baby stolen from the Village by Shere Khan who grows up in the Jungle.
Akela- The leader of the wolf pack.
Raksha- The partner of Akela and the wolf who steals the baby Mowgli from the jaws of Shere Khan.
Bagheera- The panther who helps Raksha steal Mowgli away and look after him.
Shere Khan- The Great Tiger who does not follow the Jungle Law and hunts the child stolen from him.
Tabaqui- The Jackal who follows Shere Khan in the hopes of getting any scraps that might fall to him.
Kaa- The Great Rock Snake who is capable of entrancing anyone with her charms and hunts the Bandar Log.
Tak- Monkeys of the Bandar Log
Ban- Monkeys of the Bandar Log
Luna- Monkeys of the Bandar Log
Buldeo- A Hunter from the man Village

Oh and Baloo. The lazy bear who knows all the rules of the Jungle and looks after the infant Mowgli.

I look forward to telling you more about the mad fun of the rehearsal room and the first preview round the corner!

Jungle Favour go with thee,