Robin Taudevin Photographic exhibition

During Glasgow Girls run at the Citizens Theatre, we will be hosting a photographic exhibition of images by the late Robin Taudevin. Featuring images of the real Glasgow Girls and other asylum seekers, you can find the exhibition in the corridor behind the stairs to the right of the foyer.

31 October - 17 November
This exhibition celebrates the 2005 to 2006 campaigns of the Glasgow Girls and the wider movement for the rights of asylum seekers. Robin’s photographs capture the passion and determination of the movement and the devastation the asylum system wreaks on individuals and communities. These photographs are as relevant today as they were 8 years ago: dawn raids and deportations are a constant threat, detention centres continue to operate and destitution amongst asylum seekers is rife. If ever there was a time to act it is now.

Photographs by
Robin Taudevin Born 14 March 1977 | Died 14 May 2006
Exhibition by Robin’s Fund
curated by Allison Julia Taudevin