Meet our new Actor Interns - Lucy and Al


Since we are going to be in the building for the up coming season, we thought it would be best if we introduced ourselves. We are Lucy Hollis and Al Hankinson and we are the new Citizens Theatre graduate Acting Interns for the Autumn '12 - Spring '13 season. 

We'd like to take this opportunity to invite you, the audience, to share in our experience over the coming months by following our blog, 'A Season at the Citz'. The blog will hopefully give you a thorough insight into everything we get up to and learn during our time here. To help tempt you into reading our blog, we have come up with five easy questions to get you up to date with everything you will need to know:

1) Who are you?
We are two graduates from the BA Acting course at the RCS (formally RSAMD) who are lucky enough to be spending a season with the Citizens Theatre.

2) What does a graduate actor intern do?
It is esentially an actor apprentiship. We will be acting in all the Citizens produced shows over the next season, starting with Sleeping Beauty, as well as helping out about the building whenever possible.

3) Why should you follow our blog?
The blog will be a record of our time at the Citz. It will document everything and anything Citz related: from the excitement of rehearsals, to the long hours of the tech rehearsal. So if you've ever wondered what goes into producing the shows that end up on the main stage, this is the place for you. We will cover it all.

4) What makes your blog different?
We won't just be covering our time here. Once a month, we will interview a different department at the Citz. A plethora of people and departments keeps the building turning and we plan to interview them all. Up coming ones include marketing, box office, carpentry, wardrobe and the artistic director Dominic Hill.

5)Where can we find you?
Here: or through the link here on the Citz official blog.

[Ed. Posted on behalf on Lucy and Al who started Sleeping Beauty rehearsals this morning...I'm sure they'll update you soon.

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