Five stars for Sub Rosa!

Opening night came and went, with a flurry of drama not only onstage but also off, in the form of a fire alarm! However, it seems this didn't spoil the enjoyment of the good ladies and gentlemen of the press - here's the verdicts already in:

David Leddy's gothic promenade piece around off limits nooks and crannies of the Citz always promised to be something special, and so it proves.
Metro *****

A tremendous cast of six, conjure up a guignol* of crime dipped in a theatricality that unerringly lures us in.
The Herald ****
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* Ed note: Apologies if I'm the only one, but I had no idea about the reference to guignol, so for those of you in the dark like me... Def: an entertainment with horrifying dramatic intent. This comes from the French version of Punch and Judy and Guignol is the character name for their 'Punch'. It is also the name of a theatre in Paris, 'Grand Guignol'.

Photo by Tim Morozzo.

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