Pierrepoint - Follow Me

If you were glued to the box last night, you might have been lucky enough to catch Pierrepoint, an excellent film (starring Timothy Spall) about Albert Pierrepoint, the most prolific executioner of 20th century Britain.

A fascinating story, this provided the perfect introduction to Guy Masterson's new production of FOLLOW ME by Ross Gurney-Randall and Dave Mounfield, which is coming to the Citizens this autumn. FOLLOW ME tells the story of Ruth Ellis - the last woman to be hanged in Britain and Pierrepoint the "ultimate professional" who hanged her.

As grim a tale as this may sound, it probes the innermost feelings of an utterly fascinating profession and is sure to make a powerful piece of theatre. Both The Herald and Scotsman have given this show 4 stars, so click FOLLOW ME to find out more.