New Gadgets

The Citz marketing team are just back from the annual Arts Marketing Association conference. This year we were in the Sage, Gateshead with hundreds of other professionals from across the UK. This annual event provides great space to think, inspiration for new ideas and some practical tips. Now all we need is the time to implement them...that's the hard bit!

But, as if to prove to the bosses that I have walked away with at least one practical idea. I have a new gadget to play with. For those of you who don't yet have a hard copy of our autumn season brochure, I have created an online version for your perusal.

The brochure provides a lovely visual overview of the forthcoming season and this new browsable booklet should help you to find the gems to suit your autumn calendar.

Fingers crossed this works...

Don't worry - you don't have to read it this small. Just click on "open publication" to link through to a large version. Here you'll be able to flick through the pages at your leisure to read online. It might take a few minutes to upload, but once it's open, it should be fine. You can view in various sizes and click on each page to zoom in on content.

Let me know what you think of this. If it works we could regularly publish our brochures along with programmes etc.

If you want to book tickets for anything, just visit our website.


P.S. I have to thank DK at Mediasnackers for this gadget.