Still another week to see Waiting for Godot

There's still another week of our highly acclaimed run of WAITING FOR GODOT. The reviews are all in now, so here's the verdict from the critics:

Gerry Mulgrew and Kevin McMonagle flesh out Beckett's tramps, Vladimir and Estragon, with equal measures of pathos, linguistic and philosophical discourse, and silent comedy farce. Think an existential Francie and Josie trapped in a limo of mundane repetition... while time may drag for them, it certainly doesn't for the audience.'
Metro ****

By the time we're left alone with a pair pf neatly laid out tackety-boots, sitting before the sort of red velvet drapes that fall on tributes to dead comedians, we know we've been subject to some kind of showbiz heaven...Kevin McMonagle and Gerry Mulgrew spark off each other with the sort of pronounced gallus patter that lays bare their co-dependence as a set of painfully familiar routines, with the only punchline the prospect of death... Beckett's running gags are reapeated, then stretched and subverted beyond what initially looks like throwaway one-liners'
The Herald ****

'[The cast] play the characters as if they were someone you might meet in the street outside, and treat the language as if it were normal as everyday conversation... it all makes for a human and humane Godot. Without being either self-consciously vaudevillean or portentously solomn, it manages to be the tragi-comedy that Beckett prescribes and which is true to life.'
The Times ***

'this authoritative Citizens' production shows us adversity and laughs in it's face.'
The Guardian ****

'[Waiting for Godot] has been recognised as one of the greatest plays of the 20th century; and in Guy Hollands' beautiful, lucid production it's easy to see why'
The Scotsman ****

'The production is blessed with some superb casting. In particular, Gerry Mulgrew and Kevin McMonagle are inspired choices are Vladimir (the tramp plagued by a dodgy prostate) and his friend Estragon.'
Sunday Herald

Waiting for Godot is rarely performed on this scale and it may be some time before this classic work will be performed again on a Scotish stage. You can book by calling 0141 429 0022 or clicking here.