Everyone's talking about....

Six Characters in Search of an Author, the second of our co-productions with Lyceum Theatre in Edinburgh and the National Theatre of Scotland, opened in Edinburgh last week. A contingent from the Citz went through for the opening night and a great time was had by all. The critics were all in as well, of course, so here's a few snippets of what they thought:

'The pull of the narrative keeps us on board, so we hardly notice we have been caught up in an esoteric debate about the nature of art, character and reality'

'Newcomer Amy Manson gives the performance of the evening, playing the step-daughter with termendous sensitivity to the switchers from irony to humiliation...'

'Their lingering presence at the end of the show, like spectres after the ball, leaves us with a chill sensation of the haunting power of the imagination'
The Guardian ****

'The play is not only startlingly imaginative, it is also profoundly humanistic'

'a truly handsome and memorable production'
Sunday Herald *****

'a beautifully observed take on the theatrical process'

'A fascinating production which makes the plot asy to follow and is gripping from start to finish'

''Love it or hate it, you'll definately talk about it'
Edinburgh Evening News ****

Six Characters comes to the Citizens' on 12 March, so if you want to find out what everyone's talking about then book now!