Tales from the Island of Night with the Friday Club

Friday Club is our drama group for learning disabled people aged 18 and over. They meet each week, building creative skills and self-confidence in a supportive and stimulating environment.

Due to the pandemic, this group have been working online. Course leader, Louise Brown, reflects on what the group have been up to as they transported themselves to the Island of Night.

The Friday Club have been meeting weekly on Zoom ever since lockdown, sharing stories and skills, exploring creative ideas and inspiring one another, just like we used to do when we met face to face. 

The Friday Club meet weekly via Zoom

In Summer 2021 the Friday Club invented an intriguing community of characters who lived on the fictional Island of Night, just off the coast of Scotland. There were farmers, shop owners and lighthouse keepers, as you might expect, but also DJs, dancers, folk who did historical re-enactments and a prince from a foreign royal family who was keeping a very low profile in the local hotel. It was a pretty cool place. 

Of course, being a Scottish island, it was rich with tales of mythical creatures as well, and recently we created Tales from the Island of Night, a short film about one such creature. Our story was told by a group of the islanders who met regularly in the bar of the Angus Hotel, to share folk tales and entertain each other. We hope that it entertains you as well! Filming this epic poem on Zoom over several weeks needed focus, patience and imagination but was well worth the hard work. 

Hit play below to watch the film:

The Friday Club enjoyed one face to face meeting at the end of the Summer term, and are now looking forward to whatever adventures the Autumn brings!

The Friday Club enjoyed an in person catch-up this summer

Friday Club will continue to meet weekly for their Autumn 2021 term. The group is currently full but please do get in touch if you'd like more information contact Louise Brown on louisebrown@citz.co.uk.