Meet our Green Champions!

Our brilliant Green Champions help promote sustainability across the Citz and are working hard to make us a greener and more efficient organisation. In this new blog series, we'll be introducing the team and learning more about what they do! First up, it's Molly Ross.

Development Assistant, Molly Ross is one of our Green Champions

1. Tell us a bit about your role at the Citizens Theatre

I work within the Development and Fundraising team as Development Assistant. I've been here for almost two years and I help manage individual giving for both our revenue targets and our Capital Redevelopment project. As my background is in events, I also lead on a lot of our fundraising events - including our exclusive behind the scenes events for our Best Friends.

2. Why did you volunteer to become a Green Champion?

At University my thesis focused on the environmental sustainability of the UK events sector so joining the Green Team felt like a perfect opportunity to use all that research and knowledge in my new role at the Citizens. Personally, I feel passionately about environmental sustainability both at home and at work. If I can make one small change to the company, or influence one staff member to live and work more sustainably, I feel like my role as a Green Champion has been a success!

3. What do you enjoy most about being part of the Green Team?

The team is made up of staff from all departments within the organisation. Getting together on a regular basis means we all gain a better understanding and appreciation of how each department works, and how that impacts the sustainability of the company as a whole. I really enjoy our department wide discussions. It's fun brainstorming, learning from each other's perspectives and coming up with new ideas as a team.

Some of our Green Champions at the Green Arts Conference

4. A big part of your role is raising funds for the redevelopment - which will include making our building more efficient and environmentally sustainable. What are you most excited about?

I've worked a lot in the service and hospitality industry and so I'm really looking forward to the dramatic change to our Front of House offerings. The redeveloped building will include a new cafe and bar area where our local community can work and meet friends. At a Green Champions Training event last year, it was inspiring to hear from Steve Macfarlane, of Glenuig Inn, near Arisaig. They have worked hard to minimize their environmental footprint, and are a trailblazing example of sustainable hospitality in Scotland. They've introduced lots of brilliant initiatives including eliminating all single-use plastics, sourcing local suppliers with green credentials, and significantly reducing their food waste. Learning more about the bold efforts at Glenuig Inn really motivated me and I'm excited to use this information to improve the sustainability of the newly developed Citizens Theatre. 

Architect sketch of newly developed theatre: Bennetts Associates

5. Finally, what is your green goal for the organisation?

We're planning on getting some Citz branded, reusable water bottles for everyone in the company to use. I've been leading on these and hope they will reduce our single-use plastics but also raise awareness of green issues and encourage us all to do what we can.

At the Citizens, we're committed to becoming a more environmentally sustainable organisation and our Green Team play a key role in achieving those goals. Look out for more interviews with the rest of our Green Champs soon!