What Girls Are Made Of review by Rahul

My name is Rahul. I am part of the Citizens Theatre’s Saturday Citizens Group. Since September I have been working with the Learning team on a Bronze Arts Award. As part of my Award I attend a performance of Cora Bissett’s What Girls Are MadeOf. Here’s what I thought:
The Staging & Lighting
I liked the setting of the stage, the lights were amazing – you see lots of lights like that at a concert or a festival. Sometimes the lights were even on the audience. It had a feeling that you were in a concert and it was quite different from the usual theatre performances I have attended. It was like a combination of a concert and a play. The harmonies between the singers were also amazing.
Musical Influences
During the play Cora shared about her musical influences growing up. I also thought she was an amazing singer. What I liked about her performance was that she was very confident, she had a dream and you could see that she was really happy when she performing on that stage.
This reminded me of an experience I had at my school when I was in a band called the Ultimate Sensation. I was the singer the lead singer and hearing Cora’s story really reminded me of my experience. Our band would sing thinks like I Don’t Care by Icona Pop and Teenage Kicks by the Undertones.
Ideal Audience
I think this show would be suitable for people who are 16+, Cora was going through a lot while growing up and I think people could relate to some of those things she went through like bad relationships, love problem and keeping friendships. Even though she was from a little place she really believed in herself and got through this.
It reminded me of Demi Lavato’s story, she got bullied a lot and had some drinking and drug problems.
What I would change
I would change the venue, I think the play would amazing in somewhere like The Hydro. We could see two big screens on either side of stage.
My Final thought
Watching What Girls Are Made Of made me feel like I want to be a part of a story like this, it made me think I would like to turn my own personal story into a performance.