The stars are out tonight! Cuttin' A Rug reviews roundup

Cuttin' A Rug opened to the press on Friday 10 February, and it's a hit!
Ryan Fletcher, Scott Fletcher, Paul James Corrigan. Credit Tim Morozzo

To the sounds of rock 'n' roll band Cutting A Rug our foyer was jumping with excitement for opening night. 
Cutting A Rug

"Byrne’s observational comedy comes up smiling bright in this revival” ★★★★
The Herald 
“a wonderful baroque pattern of jest and allusion, longing, bathos and hilarity” ★★★★
The Scotsman
“the Citizens team manages to blow up a storm in their new production of Cuttin’ a Rug” ★★★★
Reviews Hub 
Mark Barrett, Ryan Fletcher, Louise McCarthy, Helen Mallon. Credit Tim Morozzo
"unmissable" ★★★★★ 
“A highly recommended riotous romp with laughs abounding, this peek into a bygone era will warm the cockles of your heart” ★★★★
The Mumble 

Mark Barrett Louise McCarthy. Credit Tim Morozzo.

Come and enjoy this night out for yourself - you've got until Saturday 4 March to catch it at the Citz, then we take a roadtrip to King's Theatre Edinburgh from 7 - 11 March.


Nell M said…
Feel like I'm being a part-pooper, but was disappointed in this production of Cuttin' A Rug. Staging was great, but the portrayal of Phil was missing the pathos and anger of the character. Phil/Spanky/Terry fairly indistinguishable from each other. Lucille and Bernadette were nearer the mark, but generally the production seemed to miss the point.
Nell M