Southside Diaries

In the first instalment of blog posts by our Young Co. members, Catriona McNicoll has taken time out of rehearsals  to share her insights into the making of Southside Stories.  

Not long to go now! The Young Co. are thrilled to be showing their verbatim piece, Southside Stories, as of next week through the 6th-9th of May. We've been working hard over the past few weeks and the show only seems to be getting better and better after each rehearsal.

Inspired by Douglas Maxwell’s Fever Dream: Southside which is directed by Dominic Hill on the Citizens’ main stage, the Young Co.’s Southside Stories gives an insight to life in Govanhill. Through a variety of anonymous interviews, a true sense of life in Glasgow’s most culturally diverse district becomes a heartfelt piece of theatre not to be missed. Stories of happy memories mixed with fears and hopes for the future create a show that could not have been done without the hard work and dedication of the whole team.

The Young Co. have been able to respectfully represent the lives and opinions of these real people. We even got the chance to visit Govanhill and see the streets and places mentioned throughout the piece to inspire us and to get an idea of everyday life there. We hope that we can do the extraordinary town of Govanhill justice and that we can not only entertain our audience, but inform them as well.

The Young Co. would like to thank all that have helped make our show as great as it is, with special thanks to Guy Hollands, Neil Packham and Finn Anderson. We would love as many people as possible to come along and explore life in Govanhill with us, come see us at the Circle Studio, Citizens Theatre May 6 - 9!

Catriona McNicoll - Member of Young Co.

Southside Stories 6 - 9 May

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