A Rum and Vodka tour of Dublin

While Director Stephen Darcy and actor Martin Donaghy get ready to unleash Rum and Vodka onto the Circle Studio stage you can familiarise yourself with our bespoke Rum and Vodka tour of Dublin. Hilarious, shocking and poignant in equal measure, Rum and Vodka is the story of an ordinary young man and his three-day alcohol-fuelled rampage around Dublin. Written by multi-award winning playwright Conor McPherson, the work sparkles with an energy, wit and brutal honesty that prefigures the playwright’s later successes including an Oliver Award for Best New Play for The Weir and New York Drama Critics Circle Award for The Night Alive

Click on the link below to begin your 3 day misadventure through the pubs and late bars of Dublin. You can retrace each day's staggered journey from bar to bar. 

One young man and a three day binge around Dublin.
If you are still alive at the end of the tour make sure you come and see the one-man production which opens next week and runs from March 5-7 in our Circle Studio.  

Rum and Vodka 
plays in the Circle Studio 5 - 7 Feb