Citizens Theatre Technical Information & Services


We offer theatrical venues, rehearsal rooms services and hires; including performance spaces, equipment, props and costumes.


Main Auditorium from the stage. 
We have a 130 year old Victorian proscenium arch theatre with 454 seats on two main levels. The stage is raked to 1:17. The main stage dimensions are 11m deep x 16m wide. The proscenium is 6.1m high x 7.75m wide and the stage has 39 counterweight flying bars (200kg max).

For space and venue hire or event planning contact Lesley Davidsons, General Manager: email or phone 0141 418 6231.
For technical information, please contact Graham Sutherland, Head of Production: email or phone 0141 418 6247.
Technical specifications, a technical questionnaire and risk assessment form are available below.
A0 Main Stage plan and section scale 1:25 (PDF) 02-05-14.pdf
Citizens Theatre Main Stage Section
Main Stage plan and section (Autocad ZIP)
Main Stage plan and section (Vectorworks ZIP)
Main Stage Technical Questionnaire.doc
Risk Assessment Template.doc
Current Main House Stock List 2016.docx


We have a 60 seat ‘In the round’ black box studio. The venue has fixed three level block seating on four sides, with a mixture of beams and scaff bars overhead to service lighting positions.
You can download the Main Stage technical specification a technical questionnaire, risk assessment form and drawings (of the “ground plan”, “section 1” and “section 2”) below.

Contact Graham Sutherland, Head of Production for more details,
email or phone 0141 418 6247.


The document below contains a comprehensive spec sheet of all the lanterns available at the Citizens Theatre.