Opening Week: We've got everything we need

Jungle Law
Bagheera and I teach Mowgli about the Jungle Law
Howdy Jungle Folk,

The time is nearly upon us. We've teched the show. We've done dress rehearsals. We have even had a few previews. So what now? Well, try as we might, the show is not yet perfect. Some nips and tucks required of costumes and some notes from the director and choreographer to tighten up a few things. The funny thing is you can spend so long in the rehearsal room with a fun script and music that you completely love and forget that some day an audiecnce will watch it and hopefully enjoy it. So it's been a rather lovely pleasant reminder to be in front of a live, and very lively, crowd.

Now, now. You didn't think I was going to leave it at just that did you?

As I may have mentioned, in this show we have an eclectic mix of styles and music and dance with some amazing songs. So to test your Jungle knowledge I've picked a few artists with Jungle related singles that they may have released. The answers are down below, but see how many you can guess first. Honey, we know the names.

1) Katy Perry
2) Survivor
3) Shakira
4) Bon Iver
5) Belle and Sebastian
6) Radiohead
7) Kate Bush
8) Grandmaster flash



1) Roar
2) Eye of the Tiger
3) She-Wolf
4) The Wolves
5) Funny Little Frog
6) A Wolf at the Door
7) Hounds of Love
8) The Message (It's like a jungle sometimes it makes me wonder How I keep from going under)

That's all for now folks and remember, The Law of the Jungle is as old and as true as the sky.