50p tickets are back!

It's that time again. Set your alarm clock, find a keen friend and look out a warm jacket.

At 10am on Saturday (14 April)
100 King Lear tickets
go on sale for just 50p

There are 10 available in each of the first 10 performances of the run, so the earlier you get here, the more choice you'll have. It's very much first-come-first-served, cash only, up to 2 tickets each.

At the time of publishing this blog, it looks like it'll be dry until lunch, so queuers should be safe, but given our recent change from hot summer to winter weather conditions, it's best to check up-to-date info:

See the Met Office's forecast for the Gorbals.

Some people have been asking what happened last time - so here's the insider info - for Betrayal the first person in the queue arrived around 8.45am, with a steady build up after that. Once on sale at 10am, it took 35mins to sell out, but we do expect that King Lear might be busier.

If you're first to arrive, please queue against the wall from the right-hand-side of the front door (with the queue filling back towards the car park...as shown above).

Our front doors will be open from 9am (to allow our Easter Academy participants access), but 50p tickets will go on sale at the advertised 10am. We hope to have King Lear himself (David Hayman) here to sell the first ticket!

To keep you warm and well fed while you wait, our coffee bar will be open from 9am serving frothy coffee's and a wide range of hot/cold drinks and snacks. Our special offer is buy a coffee and get one of our delicious homemade 'Speciality Scones' for just 50p.

Good luck!