No longer an unsung hero

Yesterday on Facebook, we posted some pictures of a surprise party for Frances Coyle who has worked at the Citizens Theatre for an astonishing 44 years and retires this year.

Photo by Richard Campbell

Frances who is 82, has been a friendly face behind the coffee bar for a great many years and is known to audiences possibly far more than some of the creative teams behind the shows!

Today we're delighted to announce that Frances is one of the first recipients of an Unsung Hero Award from The Stage.

You can read more about the Unsung Heroes and The Stage 100 Awards on The Stage website.

It is said that Frances has never taken a day off sick. Two of her eight children have also worked at the theatre and more recently one of her grand-daughters.

We'd like to offer a sincere thank you to Frances for her incredible service over the years and wish her the very best for a happy retirement!

Frances with the Front of House team
 Some comments from Facebook:

"Frances may you enjoy every minute of your retirement and let someone else serve you tea and coffee for a change. Much love. Claire x"
"Happy Retirement Frances, i remember working with you, cant believe you have been there all this time!! Great days with all the girlies!! Xxx"

"Frances has probably been the most constant and familiar face at the Citz as far back as I can remember. I hope she has a wonderful retirement and enjoys every minute of it. Best wishes"


Ellie said…
I think you will find that Frances' three daughters worked at the citz along with 4 of her grandchildren. Two of those grandchildren also appeared in a show.