Press Reaction to The Girl in the Yellow Dress

Press and public reaction to The Girl in the Yellow Dress has been making its way to us from South Africa, and all is looking good.

Here are just a few of the comments we've spotted so far:

“it has you holding your breath to avoid missing the next moment.”
Cue, South Africa

“exquisitely written, performed and directed...a joy to watch”
Cue, South Africa

“This is a production that will satisfy and stay with audience members long after the lights have dimmed as the echoes of wisdom, humour and insight carry far into the night.”
Cue, South Africa

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"a brilliant, fascinating, dramatic and very clever production"
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“One can’t help but think “very clever indeed” - communication beyond language, universal message, and a world beyond words.”
Herald, South Africa

“Though the play unearths the philosophical and psychological dimensions of love and sex, the narrative also serves as an allegory for relationships between the West and Africa. This is embodied not only in the differing racial and cultural identities of the two protagonists but the teacher-pupil dynamic, which speaks of the unequal power relations between the two conflicted cultures”.
Sunday Independent, South Africa

Photos of Marianne Oldham and Nat Ramabulana by Ruphin Coudyzer

Our Edinburgh Fringe shows at the Traverse Theatre are selling well and with initial reactions like these, we're keeping our fingers crossed that this will continue. If you are hoping to catch it at the festival, you should probably book early. If you can't make it to Edinburgh, you could wait until the Autumn to see it here at the Citizens. Info on both venues is available on our website.