Getting to know Rachel

It's been an enlightening and at times upsetting journey delving into the story of Rachel Corrie, but for both Ros Philips (Director) and Mairi Phillips (Actor) it's been a challenge they've enjoyed. We know that the conflict which forms the backdrop to this production is extremely contentious and understand that tensions are likely to run high surrounding it.

I grabbed a quick chat with Ros and Mairi to find out more about their perspectives on the production.

We're delighted to be Pick of The Week in the Sunday Herald, Sunday Times and Scotsman. This show has a very limited capacity, just 45 seats per night. So if you think it's something you'd like to come to, I'd recommend booking early.

My Name Is Rachel Corrie
Previews 2-3 March
Then runs 4-20 March



Helen Black said…
In response to the comment from YouTube, here's a statement which came from Rachel's parents after the incident in question.

"The act, while we may disagree with it, must be put into context. Rachel was partaking in a demonstration in Gaza opposing the war on Iraq. She was working with children who drew two pictures, one of the American flag, and one of the Israeli flag, for burning. Rachel said that she could not bring herself to burn the picture of the Israeli flag with the Star of David on it, but under such circumstances, in protest over a drive towards war and her government's foreign policy that was responsible for much of the devastation that she was witness to in Gaza, she felt it OK to burn the picture of her own flag. We have seen photographs of memorials held in Gaza after Rachel's death in which Palestinian children and adults honor our daughter by carrying a mock coffin draped with the American flag. We have been told that our flag has never been treated so respectfully in Gaza in recent years. We believe Rachel brought a different face of the United States to the Palestinian people, a face of compassion. It is this image of Rachel with the American flag that we hope will be remembered most."


NB. I tried to post this on YouTube but it was too long.