TV appearance for Dan and Andy

Actors Andrew Knott and Daniel Healy, were invited onto STV's evening magazine show, The Hour yesterday to discuss their roles as John Lennon and Paul McCartney in Backbeat. This was aired at 5pm, when frankly, most of us are still working, so here's the link to watch again.

They're the very first segment on the show, so just watch from part 1. If you stick with it, you'll hear Dan's gorgeous rendition of A Taste of Honey.


P.S. Happy birthday to Andy's daughter Rain from all of us at the Citz.


Unknown said…
Well done boys, will definitely be coming to the Citz to see the show.
Keri S. said…
Wish I could see the show, know it's going to amazing and hope it goes well! Good luck with everything, Andy!