What were your favourite Citz memories and shows of 2009?

We added a poll (see right) to try and find out what your favourite shows of 2009 were. You can vote for multiple events!

A reminder of some...not all of our shows this year.

We haven't included visiting work as the list would be massive, this is just the work that emanates from the Citizens Theatre...and just so you know Yellow Moon toured schools and internationally, so you won't have caught it at the Citz. The Sound of My Voice played at Assembly throughout the festival and I've not included This View of Life, as it wasn't on sale to the public.

As you can see this is still a huge list. As well as main stage and touring productions from the Citizens Company, it includes plays by TAG, Citizens Community Company and Young Co..

We'd also love to hear your favourite Citz memories of the year. Was it the audience reaction to the gun shot in Topdog/Underdog, the feeling of entering the foyer for Cinderella, the glamour of Bernarda Alba, the feeling of performing in Nightschool or the big back wall reveal in Museum of Dreams?

We'd love to hear from you.



Kris said…
I thoroughly enjoyed this years programme and can't wait for 2010!
Helen Black said…
Some random things that come to mind for me are; watching the amazing transformation of blocks of polystyrene into vertebrae for the This View of Life set, taking Charlie Lawson into the hairdressers next door for a photocall (never thought I'd be photographing Jim McDonald pretending to get his hair cut in the Gorbals!), marvelling at how insanely young (and good) the actress was in Spoonface Steinberg, loving the mayhem of Paperweight in the Circle Studio, discovering rooms at the theatre I'd never been in before for Sub Rosa and of course Nicholas Pinnock with his top off in Topdog/Underdog (am I allowed to say that?)!
Helen Black said…
OK, Louise says: "The Swedes and the Chicago contingent in the canteen having a piper and an address to the haggis and Jo Marr’s sister – who was there just to do some research on community theatre - doing an on the spot Highland Fling right next to the till and on an uneven bit of floor – cross between lino and carpet – and being brilliant!"
Yvonne Smith said…
The moment in Ghosts when the light flooded through the walls was one of my favourite ever in the auditorium and pretty much everything about Museum of Dreams was astonishing.

Arts and Crafts at Summer Academy was one of the most fun things I've worked on at the Citz - the shadow puppets, Odyssey costumes and Jackson Pollock paintings were great. Oh and Debbie and Jo's circus mayhem during Summer Academy was unforgettable. I look forward to Kids@Citz sharings days all term and they never disappoint - we had some particularly brilliant ones in November this year - and seeing photos of kids@citz attendees starting to pop up in the brochure and on posters has been really lovely.

And lastly the bit with the teddy bear costume in Edward Gant's Amazing Feats of Loneliness was brilliant - completely, madly brilliant.
Helen Black said…
A couple more:

David Matheson (via Twitter): "zomg the Pillowman."

Jeremy (staff via email): "the bagpipe lunch for the Chicagoans in the canteen.... and wandering round the building at night while it was still deserted before Sub Rosa went up."
Helen Black said…

Michelle Montgomery Masters: "I just adored Museum of Dreams. I enjoyed lots of the performances through out the year but M of D just stands out in my mind. I also enjoy coming in on a sunday to the warm cosy feeling in the foyer for kids @citz. Hope you all have a great Christmas and look forward to all your magic in 2010!"

Betty Urquhart: "Really enjoyed "I'm no a Billy I'm a Tim" Was sooofunny.And serious at the same time."

Snuffs McShuggy: "Really loved "Edward Gants Amazing Feats Of Loneliness" - totally surreal but wicked at the same time, "Topdog/Underdog" was simply AWESOME and "Educating Rita" was brilliant . . ."
Brian said…
What an outstanding year - i started it as student and was coached by the brilliant Elle and Leanne and the productions all were great however I have to say the last witch was so powerful so amazing nothing else came close even the wonderful house of Bernarda Alba. Keep it up and roll on 2010
Teresa Devlin said…
Sub Rosa is the best play I have ever seen! It was a truely special and enlightening performance. It was wonderful to experience behind the scenes at the citizens, especially as part of such a spell binding performance. I would love to have the opportunity to see it all again. One of the highlights of my year!
Brian said…
A brilliant year, I started as a student taught by the amazing Elli and Leann, but the productions were great. the best by far the last witch outstanding as was the house of Bernard Alba. Rollon 2010
Rehabilitating the Ugly Sisters in Cinderella was a master stroke.

Puppets changing into real people and back again in Theatre of Dreams was great. I had heard that the banjo was the new black so you were ahead of the curve on that one.
LMcD said…
I loved Sub Rosa - it was a really unique approach and I loved getting to see behind the scenes of my local theatre. The ending was brilliant too!
Unknown said…
Men Should Weep. Student production but it was good. Anyone else see it, what did you think?
Helen Black said…
I didn't see that one, but I did see The Pillowman in the student season and was blown away. A brilliant piece of theatre. Great acting and writing.
debbiefindlay said…
To all at TAG thank you for the amazing strength n confidence you gave to me . Elly youre an angel to me . Thanks . I got them in 2009 . Thanks for helping me believe I could be someone when everything around me was crumbling .The Citz is a special place n the people involved are amazing . Thankyou for inviting me to Clydeside Valentine I had the best night in a long time a magical show . All the best for 2010