"breathtakingly well performed" The Scotsman

I just added a few more images from Topdog/Underdog to Flickr. You can check out the full set here. If you've still undecided about coming along, here's a few recommendations that may help:

The Herald 4 stars
The Times 4 stars
The Scotsman 4 stars
The Guardian 3 stars
So far...

"It's surely the mark of a good play that you are still mining meaning from it days later....Two fine performances" The Times

"Directed with memorable intensity by Citizens Trainee Director Leann O'Kasi, and breathtakingly well performed by Tyronne Lewis and Nicholas Pinnock...some great rap-style poetic writing" The Scotsman

"the tale is grippingly told...a vivid portrait of hope against the odds" The Guardian

You can find out more or book online here.



Charles said…
That was an amazing performance. :)

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Unknown said…
We thought it was a fantastic performance from the actors. A great night out!!