What A Braw Partnership!

Well, the party is over! Our 6 visitors from Sweden have just left after a fantastic week of shared activity. We've shown them all over Glasgow, relished Rena's reminiscence in the Peoples Palace, had a feast at the Hidden Gardens, sung our hearts out at Bridging the Gap, taken part in inspirational drama workshops led by 2 more international visitors from Chicago, applauded the Hot Mikado (performed by Scotland School of Dance) in the main auditorium, caroused at a party and finally, at the farewell lunch in the canteen, we were delighted by a visit from a member of St Francis Pipe Band, who gave us four tunes, whilst someone performed an impromptu a highland fling...braw or what?!!

This partnership between the group from Lansteatern, Orebro and the Citizens Community Company has been an amazing experience for all concerned. We have shared and learnt, uncovering so much that we have in common. Some excellent moments of drama have been created as well as some great international friendships born. I don't think anyone of us that took part will forget our week in Orebro or the week in Glasgow. Tears were shed as our visitors left on Friday afternoon but we all hope this will not be the end.