Behind the scenes at 'Christmas Wrapped up!'

With Christmas just around the corner, we're thinking of little else here at the Citz! It seems we're not the only ones, as this week our 'Dorothy' was invited to take part in a photocall in Glasgow city centre, along with characters from all the other big Glasgow shows.

The photographs that appear in the paper are always very beautiful and glamorous but we thought you'd like to see what really goes on at these things - mostly, a lot of waiting about in the cold!

Say cheese everyone! Alongside our own Dorothy, the line up includes Mother Bruce from the Tron, Cinderella from The Kings and The Snow Queen from the Arches.

Dorothy and Cinderella get up close and personal with Santa!

Dorothy aka. Helen McAlpine takes time out from posing to give a quick interview for Glasgow City Marketing Bureau's podcast!

Holding the jackets is an inevitable part of a marketeers role - as demonstrated here by Alison, Marketing Manger here at the Citz.

And even after all the hard work is done - the girls (and Toto) still have time to pose for one last picture...


P.S. To find out more or to buy tickets click here!