My time as an extra on Romeo and Juliet

Three members of the Citizens Community Company recently featured as extras in Scottish Ballet's amazing production of Romeo and Juliet. Fran wrote a blog for us about her time in the show:

Being an extra with Scottish Ballet’s Romeo & Juliet was a living breathing dream, where I met the most beautiful, graceful people.

To see these dancers performing from rehearsals to performance nights, but the most magical moment for me was when waiting in the wings - with beautiful music surging into my mind - I watched the shadows of the dancers on the wall, unseen to the paying public’s eye. A moment that led me to dance with their shadows (which loomed twenty feet high) and to watch all of the other extras dancing too.

I am so, so grateful, Edinburgh, I loved it! I saw Greyfriar’s Bobby, was in and out of every charity shop with my friend and fellow extra Alan. We walked the mile, saw the castle, photographs galore.

Next Glasgow – what else can I say, I lived the living breathing dream all over again. Capped off with meeting Scotland’s First Minister Mr Alex Salmond.

Photos by Andrew Ross (courtesy of Scottish Ballet)

Thank-you to the Citz and Scottish Ballet. It was a therapeutic pleasure being an extra with you…one I will remember for the rest of my life, not forgetting all the new friends I made there. Thank you!

Frances Rose Kelly.


P.S. We're going to try and get hold of some of Fran and Alan's Edinburgh pics!


Dan said…
I read with interest the article by Ms Frances Rose Kelly and found myself backstage at the theatre dancing along with the shadows of the performers on stage...Ms Kelly's description of the event was extremely enjoyable and I hope to read more of her highly entertaining reports from the world of live theatre!