Horses Reach Finishing Post!

Three weeks have past since the final performance of They Shoot Horses, Don’t They? and I just wanted to post a reflection on the process. There is so much to say but I’ll start with…this project was the most challenging to date and indeed the one I’m most proud of… I’m sure I’ve said that before!!

The five weeks of rehearsal and performance were an incredible journey as I’m sure many of the 40 strong cast would testify. I remember the first week ending on such a high as if nothing could go wrong. Certainly, most of the time, there was a wonderful feeling of support and creativity in the rehearsal room. We danced with Linda and Elly, we ran races in slow motion, we took part in a workshop led by visitors from Sweden, we changed dance partners many times, we laughed a lot, we struggled, became tired, got angry with each other and applauded when Sally sang with the band and George got his trumpet out!

I was impressed by the commitment of so many members of the company, there were a few who I thought would never see it through to the performance but I was happy to be proved wrong. Community Company and YOUNG Co. regulars were strong but the newcomers from Turning Point, blew me away and I hope they are as proud of what they achieved as Elly and I are…we miss them but hope they take whatever they got from the experience and move on positively. Thank you to all who contributed. I know none of us will ever forget the rehearsals, our costume, the fabulous set, the lighting, the music, our words and most of all the feeling of what we achieved in those five weeks…Watch this space for the next Community Company event…

Neil Packham
Community Drama Director
all photos by Tim Morozzo