Getting festive

You'd be forgiven for thinking it's been snowing inside the Citz! There appears to be little snow trails throughout the offices, which on closer inspection are actually polystyrene shavings. That gives away a little of the magic behind the fantastic set for Peter Pan, which is currently being built in "the run".

We have had record numbers of advance bookings for Peter Pan and are looking forward to welcoming lots of families into the theatre when it all begins on 1 December. This year we are also running through into the new year, so if you fancy a good night out, before the schools start back, you will be able to see Peter Pan right up until 5 January. Click Peter Pan to find out more.

Here at the Citz, we have regular little tea parties to wish staff members happy birthday. Today was the biggest turn out I have ever seen for a tea party! I'll not embarrass anyone by mentioning ages...but I thought it would be nice to wish Ribbie a very happy birthday from everyone at the theatre!