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Our hotly anticipated production of HAMLET opened last night to a packed preview house. It seemed to go down well with the audience and we are eagerly awaiting reviews in the press following tonight's performance. But it isn't just critics we want to hear from. If you've seen the show, tell us what you think. Just text CITZ and your comments to 61211 (usual text charges apply). Ax


Iain Farrell said…
I saw Hamlet last Friday night - the opening night. It was superb. There was a great atmosphere in the Theatre and the play was fantastic. Highlights were the stunning set, the Ghost, the play within the play and the brilliant, brilliant swordfight.
Ajna said…
Hamlet is wonderful no matter who performs this was a bonus....
KL said…
I went to see Hamlet yesterday with my pal and our collective three young teenagers. It was wondrous. How great to hear a strong Scottish accent from the Prince and other cast members. I know that must have been done (many times?) before , but I hadn't heard it, and it made me feel I was listening to all the familiar phrases and speeches for the first time and in a way that connected me with it as a shared experience and not just as a spectator. The acting, particularly, from Andrew Clark as the Prince, was outstanding, the King was horrible, the Ghost was ghoulish, Ophelia was totally away with the fairies and the Gravedigger was (almost) Chick Murray reincarnated. Even as a normally critical person, I couldn't say any that of the performances had a fault. (Well, o.k. maybe Fortinbras /Guildenstern was a bit 'wuddin', but that was only in comparison with the sheer believability of everyone else..)
I loved the sets and the costumes. ( Although does a Queen really only have one frock? Ouch well, maybe it was her favourite.), and the sound effects - from the 'big' (startling at all the right times), to the 'little' (the 'plink of the flowers in the river, for example), were just right.
Even the teenagers stopped moaning. Seriously wonderful! Thank you.
Cat McNaught said…
Thanks to everyone who has posted here - glad to know you all enjoyed it.

Plenty of people have text in using the new service Alison mentioned above and I thought it would be nice to share some of them:

"fantastic production- tremendous set, warm and engaging acting, and great to hear the bard in the venacular!"

"hamlet was amazing the acters were realy good. i am from hyndland secondary and it helpped me understand it."

"hamlet was fan dabby dosy"

"i thought this was a brilliant production. i really enjoyed it and i usually find shakespeare quite boring. i might come to see it again. well done!"
Student A said…
I found it odd to have the play open with 'to be or not to be'. I prefer to look forward to that speech coming later. But hey, depends on the version I guess. Thought the sets, costumes and acting abilities were top notch. Loved the leather look. It made Hamlet a bit sexy (which after having seen Kenneth Branagh in the film, didn't think was possible)! I thought the ghost effect was AMAZING. I've never seen anything like it, bloomin' brilliant. And loved the swordfight at the end. We're brought up on a culture of grandiose sword fights (pirates of the carribean and the like), so I was glad this matched that kind of standard. Was a little disconcerted to see Ophelia clearly losing it from her very first step onto the stage. It might have been nice to see her more normal, so when she goes completely loopy at the end the contrast is even more extreme. Although I except Hamlet's probs been messing with her head for a wee while before we meet the characters, so... fair dos. I did find the first part of the play pretty heavy going... but from the play within a play on I was completely watching it. And that's my view (gee, everyone's a critic these days!)